Paige Turner is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Splitting Up Togetherand the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on December 4, 2018. 

Summary Edit

Vlad is almost finished on the construction of the house. However, Lena thinks there's still some work to be done. Martin starts dating Paige, another fellow divorcee and she doesn't quite understand his status with Lena. Camille tries to be a good influence on her nephew, but her parenting skills come into question. 


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Ali Larter as Paige 
  • Costas Ronin as Vlad
  • Lance Lim as Gun-Woo

Trivia Edit

  • Mason, Milo and Mae do not appear in this episode.
  • The shirt Vlad was wearing at the beginning of the episode is from Adele's live concert tour which began on Feburary 29, 2016 and ended on June 29, 2017. 

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