Messy is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Splitting Up Togetherand the sixteenth episode overall. It aired on December 11, 2018.


After their unscripted kiss, Lena and Vlad's new work partnership becomes problematic as they take on a new client. Martin goes to Paige's house to get a better glimpse of what a divorced house is really like. Mason and Mae start clashing with one another after she finds out he has a crush on a pretentous girl at school. 


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Ali Larter as Paige
  • Costa Ronin as Vlad
  • Rowan Blanchard as China
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Gene
  • Sydney Taylor as Bronwyn
  • Alex Lange as Luke 
  • Jake Ryan as Nathaniel 
  • Tacey Adams as Lizzy Lowes

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